Part 1 — FullStack Blog and CMS with Angular Material, Express js, MySQL and Tailwind CSS

Ayyaz Zafar
1 min readMay 20, 2023


This video covers following topics:


0:00 — Intro
1:00 — Creating ERD diagram for MySQL Database
4:57 — Installing Node.js with Typescript and Nodemon and setting up basic file structure
8:51 — Setting up Express.js Server and Creating first basic endpoint
12:02 — Setting up MySQL connection and creating database
15:19 — Creating basic MySQL Tables
22:36 — Sharing MySQL connection globally through Request object in middleware
23:52 — Creating Express’ custom interface by extending original Request interface
28:58 — Completing REST API endpoint to create category with POST method
33:43 — Creating REST API endpoint to delete category with DELETE method
35:25 — Creating REST API endpoint to update category with PATCH method
37:04 — Creating REST API endpoint to get list of categories with GET method
38:50 — Split endpoints in separate files with express routers to make code more organised and scaleable
40:40 — Setting up child routes and controllers for categories
48:38 — Child routes and controllers for posts
1:18:49 — Creating service for posts to be able to reuse logic
1:28:39 — Creating service for categories to share logic
1:43:19 — Creating child routes, controllers and service for tags
1:56:11 — Creating child routes, controllers and service for post_tags table

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